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Camping in the Dojang (school)  
Kids can camp with no worries about mosquitoes and rain at Chang's Teakwondo Learning Center. Chaperones will lead camp fire songs and games we will also be watching a movie and play ninja ball. Campers must bring a sheet or blanket to pitch as their tent, you will also need to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and toothbrush. They may also bring a stuffed animal and a flashlight, wear comfortable clothing to exercise and sleep in. The cost of advance tickets is $15 per child $25 for guest and includes dinner, beverages, snacks, and breakfast. Space is limited, sign up at the front office.

​Water Ballon and Ninja Ball
Play ninja ball and water balloon. Bring extra t-shirt and pants (No extra clothes, no water balloon play). Wear play clothes and sandals (No socks). The cost of advance ticket is $20 per child $25 per guest includes pizza, cupcakes, snacks, and drinks. Space is limited sign up at the front office.
Parents Night - We watch the kids!
We'll watch a movie and play ninja ball. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a board game (Students may bring an electronic device but you need to be responsible for it!) We will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or broken devices. The cost of advance tickets is $10 per child $15 per guest includes pizza, cupcake, and drinks. Space is limited. Sign up at the front office.
Birthday Parties
Party Dates: Reserve your birthday party space early. Parties are held on Saturdays from 1 p.m.- 3 p.m. only paid reservations.
Number of guests: The more the merrier, we allow up to 10 invitations. Seating is available for parents if they would like to stay.
Taekwondo Trial Lesson: Guests will learn how to use "Eye Focus," "Body Focus," and "Mind Focus" in a basic Taekwondo trial          lesson.
Activities for Guests: Basic Taekwondo kicking, games, ninja ball, and board kicking.
Cake cutting Ceremony: We will assist the birthday child in cutting the cake with the samurai sword. Chang's Taekwondo          Learning Center staff will serve the guests and handle clean up. Parents can relax and enjoy the party.
Open gifts: After cake, there will be time for opening gifts, and spending time with friends.
Sample Event Schedule:
     1:00-1:15 Set up begins (on counter)
     1:15-1:30 Guest arrive
     1:30-2:00 Taekwondo trial lesson
    2:00-2:30 Activities (ninja ball Taekwondo game)
    2:30-3:00 Cake cutting ceremony, gifts, and photos

- Only paid reservations will be taken
- No Martial Arts experience is required
- Techniques will be basic and age appropriate best for ages 5-12
- Time allowance for cake only, there is not enough time to eat a meal
- Do not bring food time for cake only
- Party is for one person only-no split parties
Call for exceptions and regulation
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