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At Chang’s Taekwondo, the adult program includes training in both Korean self-defense styles – Tae Kwon Do — “the Way of Kicking and Punching” and Hap Ki Do “the Way of Coordination and Power”. The adult student, trained in both styles, develops a well-rounded program containing the power of Tae Kwon Do and the graceful, flowing control of Hap Ki Do.​
A gradual regimen of exercises is used to build flexibility, strength, speed, and coordination. Combining these with the Forms (set sequences of techniques), as well as individual techniques and drills, improves concentration, reflexes, and accuracy. Sparring, against one or more opponents, hones the student’s skills and increases confidence and control.​
Teakwood training will help you achieve balance and power in your life as you condition your body, gain flexibility, gain self-confidence and reduce stress. Perhaps equally important, beyond the physical you will develop RESPECT for yourself and others, SELF-CONTROL, AND KINDNESS for a better way of living in the home, job/school and wherever you go into the world.

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