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Through specific segments with 45 minute class, your child will be learning.



Balancing, climbing, running, blocks, punches, kicks.



Interaction with other children with positive play and direction And best of all, your child will make new friends, and have lots of fun within a colorful, playful, clean, and safe environment.


Includes training in both Korean Martial Arts styles Taekwondo and Hapkido, "the way of coordination and power."  By training in both styles, the Teen/Adult student develops a well rounded program containing the power of Taekwondo and graceful, flowing control of Hapkido.


AGES 12-17

 Begins more defined work on the traditional Taekwondo.  Kicking drill and form (poomsas) perfect the Taekwondo technique.


AGES 6-11

Begin more defined work on the Traditional Martial Art of Taekwondo, kicking drills and work on form (poomsas) perfect the Taekwondo technique.  Olympic style sparring and board breaking allow the student to use the techniques he/she has learned, as well as gain self-confidence and self-control.

Tiny Ninja:

AGES 3-5

Runs, jumps, and crawls as well as discovers that such words as Sir and Ma'am should be used in class at home and everywhere.  During this 30-minute class, children develop self-confidence, social, and motor skill while exploring basic Taekwondo techniques in a playful and positive atmosphere.  Our Tiny Ninja forms friendships and works together in class, thus learning about teamwork at an early age.

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