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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: What’s the first step of joining?
A: The first step is to e-mail, call or stop by our school (see “contact us” on this website) for information and/or appointment. You may observe a class in progress or begin a 1-day trial class. During the trial class, the student will participate in the actual class he/she will be in as a member. There is no obligation to sign up as a member at the end of the trial period.

Q: What is the difference between a traditional style school verses other styles of schools?
A: We pride ourselves with providing a quiet, respectful, and supportive environment. Respect is the first lesson our students learn - respect for themselves as well as others. We ask that they do not criticize but help fellow students and everyone they contact whenever and wherever they can.

Q: How many classes should a student attend each week?
A: Beginning students attend 2 classes each week. 

Q: Is this something I can do with friends, or my spouse, or how about my whole family?
A: Absolutely, we highly encourage it. There’s an old saying, “Friends and families that kick together, stick together.” This has never been truer than today. Where else can you, friends, and family members get together outside of the home away from the TV and participate in a fun structured activity together? Quality time spent at home will take on a whole new meaning. See the description of our “Families” class in the program section on this website.

Q: Will training at Chang’s Martial Arts USA make my child aggressive?
A: Absolutely not. Our students are not trained to fight – they are taught to do whatever they can to avoid a fight. However, they are trained to defend themselves if they cannot avoid an incident. The techniques they learn help them with self-confidence as well as self-control.

Q:How are classes divided? Will there be other students like me who have never trained before?
A: The majority of students who come to Chang’s Taekwondo have not had prior training in Tae Kwon Do, so yes there will others like you who have no experience. New students are placed in the white belt (first belt) class and as you progress, you will be placed with others who are at your level of experience. In addition, we separate the children from the adults and teens as different training methods are needed for each group.

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